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The Godfather

JOE: ...Go to the mattresses.


JOE: It's from The Godfather. It means you have to go to war.

KATHLEEN: The Godfather? What is it with men and The Godfather?

JOE: The Godfather is the I Ching. The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom. The Godfather is the answer to any question. What should I pack for my summer vacation? “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” What day of the week is it? “Maunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday.”

And the answer to your question is “Go to the mattresses.”

You're at war. “It's not personal, it's business. It's not personal, it's business.” Recite that to yourself every time you feel you're losing your nerve. I know you worry about being brave, this is your chance. Fight. Fight to the death.

- You've Got Mail (1998)

Anyone who hasn’t seen the Godfather series needs to do so immediately. Best trilogy ever, just like Lord of the Rings. And just like Lord of the Rings, the book’s even better. The best in their respective genres, if not the definition thereof. Such was Godfather’s power that it not only redefined Mafia fiction, but the very Mafia itself. Life imitating art, the Mafia strove to emulate their most loyal, honourable aspects as portrayed in The Godfather. While I don’t suggest we of the New Right in turn mimic the Mafia, there is much to be learned from the(ir) story.

Similar to Tolkien’s tale as interpreted by Jackson, there are slight discrepancies between Puzo’s novel and Coppola’s film. Michael Corleone’s line above; “It’s not personal, it’s business,” is in direct contrast to the secret of the Family’s success as revealed in the novel: “It’s all personal.” A minor rewrite to some, perhaps even to Puzo whose screenplay it was, but a profound difference as it reflects the divided nature of mind.

Thought and feeling, as closely linked yet vastly separate as written dialogue and spoken words. This duality, so integral to man, paradoxically divides him from himself. It’s in this abyss between conscious thought and subconscious feeling, rationality and irrationality, that all the devils of man reside. And it’s into this Hell we venture. Soon we shall confront the Morningstar, whose angelic appearance and honeyed words of equality and liberty, so mask his dark truth. Not lightly do I invoke such metaphorical allusions but if, as my intuition tells me, that philosophy which opposes the logic, empiricism and morality of the New Right is borne of occult mysticism, I do so aptly. If some scholar of philosophy and occultism were to prove this linkage, it may do our opponent’s considerable political damage. But enough of the arch devils behind the Beast’s empire, back to the one founded upon Darwinism and Christianity.

The Godfather’s crux, around which so much reason and unreason swirl, is sudden, high-level change which threatens a dominant criminal empire. Some “black kettles” have, entertainingly if rather superficially, likened this violent shift in the balance of power to September 11th, and the resultant developments to American foreign policy thereafter. This reading of Puzo’s I Ching, or I Wop if you want to be a prick about it, is based on the following hexagram:

The great Don Corleone, like Pope Jean Paul II, is shot down in his own territory by the brutal Turk. Like the Pope, the Godfather survives the assassination attempt. But while Jean Paul II, either a good man or a great fool (assuming some inequality), forgave Mehmet Ali Ağca, the Don never has such an opportunity. Before Don Corleone emerges from coma, his son, Michael, murders the Turk and his co-conspirator, a corrupt police “capo.” In convincing his brothers of the rightness of his course, Michael assures them “It’s just business.” Though Michael loves his father dearly and is filled with righteous hatred for his would-be assassin, this assurance is not quite a lie, but a half-truth. In a rare confluence of thought and feeling all too familiar to our movement, eliminating the Turk is the strategically-correct course though it follows the pull of a loyal heart.

Realistically, it can never be “just business” when the lives of family are threatened. As race is best defined as “extended family,” this heartfelt truth is a damning indictment of modernity. Race-replacement, for the most part economically-motivated, threatens the very existence of our descendants. This, in addition to the direct threat it presents our generation’s standard of living, social cohesion, employment prospects and so on. Can we dispassionately dismiss this reality? Can we afford to? No! We must reveal our assailant, form a battle-line and declare war.
The entity responsible for this assault on our family - our Turk, if you will - is primarily of American provenance though, like the diminishing majority of Americans, of distant European extraction. It is the worldview which sees humans chiefly in economic terms, as self-interested commercial agents without racial or cultural affiliation. Until recently, capitalism was held in check by that morality which stems from adaptive behaviour - family values, if not the values of the Family... However, as the proverbial They - in this instance coyly(?) defined as transnational elites - grew more rapacious, such basic values (to say nothing of lofty Constitutional ideals) impeded their ascent to ever greater heights of power. Something had to give, and sadly it was our side in the resultant culture war.

Greatest of our weapons were the tight bonds between family, friends and kind. Capitalism may be the most cunning economic system yet devised, but it remains the monetary equivalent of natural selection, morally neutral. It can never replace love for one’s own as our highest value, a morality worthy of the human heart. We of good conscience must not, cannot, coldly weigh our fellows against coin. To us, such treason remains the gravest of offences, an affront to the trust and loyalty with which we underwrite our social contract. The innermost circle of Hell, named Judecca, is reserved for those who violate this sacred bond. Something beyond material temptation was required to undermine our society. And so rises, finally, the Deceiver.

Loosed upon us by the prideful lords of this world, comes our nemesis, Social Constructionism. A hallucinogenic lightshow, a quasi-mystical dogma, a delusion deadlier than any Mohammedan assassin. It is emotion wholly substituted for thought, the codification of understanding reality only as we want to see it. Interpretable only in terms of itself (the pretentious Latin term for which currently escapes me), this fundamentally irrational doctrine seeks to reframe all opposition to its shadowy agenda as arbitrary cultural preference. The most humane or intrinsically human of resistance is recast as a trivial relic and, more often than not, a shameful, backwards evil. As a rather poor but close to hand example, a recent National Geographic special featured a Boas-spawned anthropologist who smugly dismissed war in humans and chimps as “a cultural artefact.” If life processes as fundamental as the competition for resources, leading to in-group cooperation and out-group aggression, can be explained away as a mere memetic bagatelle by Social Constructionism, what hope is there for the genuine memes of Western high culture?

Very little, judging by the aesthetic devolution presented by a stroll through any gallery by way of Renaissance to Conceptual Art. I present as Exhibit A the crowning glory of the YBAs, conceptualists so sophisticated that they’re against concepts. Beyond such as messy bedspreads and bisected animals, the greatest tragedy is that many youngsters enter the world of leftier-than-thou academe as talented artists. Once capable of gracing us with sublime Beauty, they emerge indoctrinated sophists dedicated to the destruction of such parochial notions.

Insidiously, as an ageing woman losing her looks, Social Constructionism has become the public face of society. A raddled ortho-doxy, defining human nature (as “non-existent”), at least for all those unwilling to court controversy and disaster, her shrill condemnations. Her mind a solipsistic refutation of objective reality, diminished by its own flawed rationale as just another arbitrary cultural preference, this Scarlet Harlot clouds the wisdom and warps the loyalty of Homo sapiens europeaus. Subverted, he becomes Homo economicus, a tame beast of burden to free-riding elites.

The means by which these trans - indeed, post - nationalist exploiters expand their influence are complex, but as undeniable as the ever-widening gulf between rich and poor. Even in 1st world nations, this process continues apace despite the political centre having increasingly shifted towards the egalitarianism of the left. Technology has advanced such that this effect, at least as manifested in the civilized world, cannot be blamed on scarcity of resources alone. Rather, the blame rests on such parasites as callously orchestrate wars or plunge the world into financial turmoil.

These bloated, globalist ticks, who even now use our desperation and disarray to consolidate their position, would suck the very lifeblood from our veins. Their infestation spreads by first altering the cultural environment of the collective human body. Gramscian in method, they sour the body’s pH balance with pollutants of varying causticity, from Orwellian neo-liberalism to internationalist neo-marxism. Concomitant with the dispersal of these noxious poisons is the release of a sedative, capitalist hyper-consumption, from the tick’s hindquarters. A secular opiate to lull the adipose middle-class even as they’re slowly consumed.

The system thus destabilised, its constituent parts succumb to opportunistic infection. Perhaps the feminist womb, perhaps the minority skin, any organ suitably debilitated by resentment - whether instilled or justified - is all it takes for a single rogue cell to trigger carcinogenesis. The metastasising cancer leaves a body wracked with discord, as rapidly-multiplying, tumorous (pressure) groupings expand throughout any remaining healthy tissue. Finally, all adaptive social structures which form the body’s immune defences are compromised, resistance collapses and the rot sets in. The parasites gorge unchecked on the spoils, society rendered to a noxious pablum before collapsing inwards upon itself. The parasitic-saprophytic cycle begins anew as the creatures creep to their next host.

From one rather torturous metaphor to another, it should now be clear why slaves have been “freed” from inadequacy to become taxpaying workers, why women have been “freed” from reproduction to become taxpaying drones, and why deviants have been “freed” from pariahdom to become taxpaying queens. I cannot resist reiteration of pre-eminent sociobiologist and expert myrmecologist (my word for the day), Edward O. Wilson’s critique of communism, “Wonderful theory. Wrong species.”

Though we don’t have communism steamrolling along class lines in the West, we have it’s bastard hybrid, social / liberal democracy, steamrolling along racial and cultural lines instead. The bourgeois are being steadily displaced by Leviathan’s invisible hand, only the neo-bourgeois need be actively dismantled - and as any straight white male (and increasingly, female) can attest, this is happening at a rapid pace.

Now, having traversed the scenic route through whimsical woods of metaphor, our common enemy has been described. The question of what must be done presents itself. To cast a backwards glance, what religious icon to ward off this devil? What appropriate immune response? What bug spray?

Well, rejoining the original path, I have several suggestions, drawn from The Godfather. Puzo sketches sufficient Sicilian history for us to draw certain parallels with our current predicament, and he relates how survival-minded Sicilians adapted the Mafia in possibly instructive way. I want to emphasise that I’m using parts in isolation to make a point, not endorsing the Mafia. Well, beyond gifting The Godfather my coveted “Worth a Squirt” award anyway.

Some background: the Mafia was the secret organisation which arose “publically” in the 19th century, possibly long before. It was a backlash against centuries of injustice and tyranny, a harrowing history of hegemony. In Puzo’s words, “Sicily was a land that had been more cruelly raped than any other in history.” (As an aside, The Godfather was written in 1969, well before the emergence of a Bantu-ruled South Africa.) Puzo goes on to mention Corleone, Sicily’s “small poverty-stricken town [which] had the highest murder rate of any place in the world.” (And again...)

Further horrors are recounted in the form of Inquisitorial torture of nobleman and commoner alike and, a recurring theme, oppression via distant governments. One regime in particular so brutalised the Sicilians with their blunt instruments that, among the islanders, “policeman” became the most vile of insults. Even Mussolini, that socialist militarist so erroneously conflated with the right-wing, gets a mention as the most recent to cast his considerable shadow over the pastoral beauty of Sicily.

Besides toughness, Sicily’s “record” of brutal injustice by outsiders clearly selected for cunning and tribalism. Long-suffering Sicilians learned to protect themselves by never openly displaying defiance, as this always brought crushing reprisal. And they learned to protect each other by covertly extracting themselves from the society imposed upon them, and covertly joining themselves together to form a clandestine alliance. “They learned that society was their enemy and so when they sought redress for their wrongs they went to the rebel underground, the Mafia.” And here I pause to glance significantly at your mental screen. “And the Mafia cemented its power by originating the law of silence, the omertà.”

Ah, yes. Omertà: “The categorical prohibition of cooperation with state authorities or reliance on its services, even when one has been victim of a crime,” according to the Akashic records.

So what am I proposing? Well, as the modern state takes from our race though our race gives to the modern state, I reject its legitimacy. Beyond supporting foreigners who’d never return the favour, our governments commit the unforgivable treason of breeding us out of existence. Barring almost unimaginable change, our seduced “leaders” are irrevocably set on the course of domesticating, deracinating and demographically diminishing Homo sapiens europeaus. This last, as far as I’m concerned, is reason enough to break out the rope and rifle, axe and pike. Violent revolution

is not what I’m proposing however. We are still Sicily to their Papal Empire and, as their soft totalitarianism grows ever harder, we’re forced to conceal our mounting defiance for fear of crushing reprisal. Instead, we must set to creating a state within a state or, if you prefer, a self-interested, “illegitimate” Cosa Nostra within a larger, oppositionary Kosher Nostra whose power is so vast it has long since “gone legit.” And I use “kosher” mostly in the sense of an irrational orthodoxy... To the point, what lawful authority can the predatory Leviathan lay claim?

For what is taxation at the point of a shiv (or worse) in the showers but a protection racket? What is the stock market but a numbers game? What are police but enforcers? What are soldiers but button men? What is bureaucracy but cronyism? What is electioneering but bribery and the putting of the squeeze? What is the auction of political power to corporations but a system of graft and kickbacks? What is political correctness but an intimidatory code of silence?

To hell with them.

Though the disorganised and fragmentary herd of cats I rather hopefully refer to as “we,” are making great efforts at working within this broken system to change it, our efforts require coordination and powerful backing, perhaps even a little muscle. Whether inadvertently or otherwise, scientists of the harder disciplines such as genetics, neuro/evolutionary-science/psychology, etc. are making great strides in winning the minds of our people. Philosophers and metapoliticans, particularly of the European New Right, are similarly influencing a broad spectrum of intellectuals. In less rarefied climes, the quotidian realities of misrule, suppression and race-replacement are contributing to the growth of nationalist parties, who strive for the hearts of our people. Even the internet, for as long as it remains free, is serving a vast selection of hyper-caffeinated wake-the-fuck-up to those growing restless under the thrall of the soporific mainstream media.

And that’s all very well, but more than the intra-systemic is called for. I don’t suggest we work outside any legal boundaries, that can be left in the prison-yard, where demonised skinheads ink each other with crude and hateful sigils as they collude against the sanctified gangstas whose supremacist hatred seemingly dictates fashion and music trends. Rather I suggest we clandestine business networks, both local and international webs of influence with the financial clout to, for example:

- Ensure favourable coverage of existing and emerging scientific findings which corroborate our case. Whether these findings are by pa(rt)isans or not, good men of science deserve better than to languish in obscurity for daring to challenge the zeitgeist. This is comparable to how the Corleone family plucks the brilliant young surgeon, Dr. Segal, from the dead-end posting to which the medical establishment consigned him for performing abortions. Segal is raised to a position of prominence as the head of a medical team, from where he can apply his intelligence and expertise.

- Exert influence to get members and member’s children into any job, university or office which they merit. Just like the Don got his godson, the celebrated Johnny Fontane, into the lead role of a hit movie. Johnny, perfect for the role, had been spitefully denied the opportunity for petty political reasons. All it took was a horse to d8 to change the mind of Moe Greene, the arrogant, perverted studio head.

- Contribute to the political campaigns of those sympathetic to the perfectly moral desire for genetic continuity on behalf of their people. This is akin to how the Godfather, as an act of patronage to Enzo the baker, taps his tame politico to ensure an illegal immigrant from Sicily can stay on in the country. Presumably the laxness of the strings that ground an alien could be tightened, yanked them back in the opposite direction.

- Buy or influence those authorities not sympathetic to the perfectly moral desire for genetic continuity on behalf of their people. Rather like in the movie: Senator Pat Geary demands an exorbitant (for the time) $¼M to facilitate the Las Vegas ambitions of the Family. Referring to Italians as “oily-haired“ and “dirty,“ he soon changes his tune when the Don's Consigliere smooths over a rather embarrassing dead hooker situation for him.

- F(o)und educational institutions not held back by demoralising agitprop or the less studious races. Like in the movie when... Though The Godfather is the sum of all wisdom, I am clearly not the sum of all wisdom on The Godfather and so can't locate the relevant example. But it's there...

- Bring to international prominence the plight of persecuted white minorities, for example the genocide of whites, particularly farmers, in South Africa. Just like rival Families forming protective alliances and dividing profits for the greater good.

- Collaborate to provide legal assistance to those wronged by anti-white policies and practices. In much the same way the Consigliere, proficient in criminal law, deals with all such matters arising.

- Provide extra-legal assistance to those who accept our version of the omertà. Rather like Bonasera the undertaker refuses to cooperate with his fellow Sicilians, choosing instead to “believe in America.” When his beautiful young daughter's jaw is broken and virginity nearly stolen by two yobs, Bonasera seeks justice from the courts. In vain, as the thugs are well-connected. Disillusioned, Bonasera and goes cap in hand to The Godfather, who gives him justice in the form of two made-to-order beatings and a lesson in loyalty to ethny. Though I've yet to read it, a Swedish political scientist kindly provides us greater detail on this “Causal Mechanism between Trust in Authorities and Trust in Others.”

- And of course, cooperate to maximise our profits from whichever legal enterprise(s) we make our core business. Gambling's legal in Las Vegas, right? Plenty of ways to dip a beak... I'm thinking clone or designer babies carried to term in the wombs of illegal immigrants, but that's just me. And while that might not be legal in Las Vegas, it could become so in a place that's willing to pay good money to boost it's indigenous population...

So there you have it, a conspiratorial network of business interests, branching out into all other spheres in furtherance of our aims. “Just business,” united by the “all-personal” goal of the 14 words. Whatever their derivation, a “Don Black” being far less useful to us than a true Godfather personality, only a genocidal madman could object to the following mission statement: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

In conclusion, an extract to inspire, revealing the character that allowed the rise of the Don (Corleone in Italian meaning “Lionheart”) to greatness:

He had long ago learned that society imposes insults that must be borne, comforted by the knowledge that in this world there comes a time when the most humble of men, if he keeps his eyes open, can take his revenge on the most powerful. It was this knowledge that prevented the Don from losing the humility all his friends admired in him.

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