Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ze Germans

Well, it's certainly taken a while. Six whole posts into an examination of race before Nazism surfaced, a new internet record I believe. I was braced for an onslaught of "go back to your cuckoo clocks, Rudolph Hitler!" commentary but instead, well, this kinda blindsided me:

"ZOMFG!!!! awesome banner thingy Dante!! Love your blog!!! keep it up!!! X X X--NaziGirl17"

Hmm. On the one hand I got kissies, from an actual girl. And you can tell from the exclamation marks that she's hot. Leaving aside the 17 thing for the moment though, the part that makes me squirm is, you guessed it, that she mentioned Wûlf's design work before my blog.

Not really, no. It's the Nazi thing. While I'm all about the conquest of the infinite reaches of the galaxy, the purging of heretics and the obliteration of xeno filth, I draw a line at goosestepping and 88'ing all over the show.

See, NG17, it's healthy to take pride in your people. It's normal to prefer them to other folks who look, speak and act different. That most people feel this way is pretty much why we have different countries. Everyone deserves a place to do their own thing, with their own kind.

Now, the Nazis came to power because other nations had taken German pride, land and self-determination. I can't blame the Germans for wanting those things back, or fighting for them. What I object to is that they went on to take those things away from other people. But then many nations have done the same, not least of whom the Allied nations.

The real deviltry came in when the Nazis realised they couldn't win the war they'd started. Out of spite, they murdered millions of helpless civilians. That was an act of despicable cowardice. It's one thing to go to war and fight for your country, it's another thing entirely to butcher innocent men, women and children. I suggest you reconsider whether you want to be associated with something so dishonourable, Girl17.

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