Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Tabula Rasa Heresy, Part I

In a recent comment, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind was called a filthy racist for pointing out the reality of racial differences. Now, as we all know, "racist" is the new "nigger." It implies one is a rabid, hate-filled Nazi, packing Jews into the oven whilst biting the heads off white doves and wiping one's arse with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Quite the multitaskers, these racists!

So, while He will admit to a fondness for roast dove, The Emperor has people to perform his cremations for him and He simply does not take dumps - instead making a regular, auric deposit into the vault at Fort Knox. Seriously though, the accusation of racism is completely unfounded. Know why? If a racist is someone who points out biological disparities between the races, then Charles "Monkeyshines" Darwin was the biggest fucking racist of them all!

Cast your mind back to the full title of Darwin's seminal work on evolutionary theory: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Darwin's point, arguably the best one ever made in human history, is that mutations which are both advantgeous and heritable will increase in frequency through subsequent generations of a species until (gasp!) it becomes differentiated into a new race and, with liberal application of the fast-forward button, ultimately a new species. It follows then that, had modern transport never been invented, the continentally-isolated races of mankind would ultimately have evolved into new species. His Imperial Majesty takes the view that Caucasians would have become winged, pterodactyl-type beings, Asians tentacled sea-creatures and Negroids tusked quadrupeds with spine-ed tails.

As things stand however, human evolution only got so far as to produce differently-shaded races. Or did it? While the conventional wisdom is that varying levels of sunlight led to selection for lesser amounts of melatonin, that is only the most readily-apparent discrepancy. The fact is, such dissimilarities are legion. Don't believe me? Well, let's focus on the physiological ones affecting athleticism, by comparing average Negroid bodies to average Caucasian bodies:

Skeletal: blacks have shorter torsos, broader shoulders, smaller ribcages, narrower hips and longer limbs. Their bones are denser and heavier. The athletic benefits of greater reach and stride length (and hence lengthier acceleration paths) from longer limbs are obvious. Narrower hips are beneficial to locomotion by directing more energy to forward than rotational movement.

Musculature: blacks are more heavily-muscled and their muscles more elastic. Muscular distribution is dissimilar, being concentrated around the glutes and thighs, which advantages locomotion. They also have a higher percentage of fast-twitch muscle fibers and a higher level of glycotic and phosphogenic enzyme activity levels, which allows for a greater "explosive power" from their muscles. There are few sports outside of endurance sports in which that is not greatly advantageous.

Body Fat: blacks have a lower percentage of this, particularly on their limbs. This may well account for their "non-swimmer" stereotype.

Viscera: blacks have less in the way of it, in accordance with the previously mentioned shorter torsos, smaller ribcages and narrower pelvises.

Tendons: blacks have longer tendons and shorter muscle bellies comparative to whites. Longer tendons result in more potential energy in the muscles.

Nervous System: blacks have faster reflexes, due to faster transmission rates along nervous pathways.

Hormone Levels: blacks have more testoserone, which again means more explosive energy and contributes, among other things, to them being more muscular and lean.

These are only the physical differences directly related to athletic ability and go a long way towards explaining black dominance of many sports, particularly running. The few sports at which blacks do not excel are those chiefly requiring upper body strength or flexibility at which whites and yellows excel, respectively.

There are a host of other facts I could cite on skull size (black brains are 80 cubic centimetres smaller than white brains), reproductive systems (blacks are twice as likely to have twins as whites, and four times as likely as yellows), infant development (black babies are born a week earlier and develop quicker), life expectancy (blacks die younger than other races) and so on. Almost all physical differences between blacks and whites are even more pronounced between blacks and yellows, whites falling in-between the other two races in just about all categories of measure.

Right. That's that then, yes? The Emperor suggests to anyone who disagrees with His assertion, that the races exhibit distinctly different physiques and physiologies, to:

a) observe the Olympic Games and note closely which races tend to be over-represented among the various disclipines, particularly in victory. Hmm... Now what is the simplest reason for that, and what would Occam say about it?
b) search through the various, peer-reviewed scientific studies on the matter to be found across the length and breadth of the interweb. Rest assured, I'll be posting links in due course.
c) inquire the professional opinion of a surgeon, mortician, serial killer or even a general physician on the matter.
d) sit on an orange-juicer and rotate.

Now, hopefully the evidence of our own eyes has been corroborated to the extent that we can all agree on there being biological differences between the races. Is there any reason then to expect that the same processes of evolution which created these bodily differences have not led to there being mental differences as well? Why, yes! There is plenty of reason!

One need only consider Gould's Daemon, which is a magical, pixyish, little beast which perches atop the spinal column of every human being. Its job (I say "it," as its nature suggests it to be effeminate, if not feminine) is to stop any form of evolution from occuring above the neck. It performs this task with great aplomb, thumbing its nose and waggling its bum at such as silly, old psychometricians and their bell curves. Gould's Daemon achieves its anti-evolutionary, intellectual miracle simply by waving its wand and intoning the mystical, mesmeric chant of "tabula rasa, tabula rasa, tabula rasa..." But more on this fascinating little creature next time!

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